This jazzylicious, plant-powered, summer themed menu is the perfect choice to celebrate with family this weekend. It’s a vegan “burger and fries” meal that will satisfy kids and adults alike! This festive fare includes yummy appetizers, a hearty entrée, snazzy sides, dazzling desserts, and a refreshing beverage!

These snazzy vegan burger patties prep for the oven in less than 10 minutes, making them an ideal option for a festive meal. Be sure to serve ’em up with oven fries on the side!
Here’s wishing everyone a happy and – most of all – healthy holiday weekend!


Lemony Guacamole: Just a few ingredients whip together in five minutes to make this appetizing Lemony Guacamole.
Flatbread Mini-Veggie Pizzas: Flatbread Mini-Veggie Pizzas make a real hit at any party you are hosting and can be served as an appetizer or as a main course offering. Change up the toppers with whatever your family likes, and you have a perfect weeknight meal for everyone!


Sunny Black Bean Burgers: These Sunny Black Bean Burgers bring a ray of sunshine to your table, with protein-rich ingredients like black beans, sunflower seeds and walnuts.
Here are some other great vegan burger choices: Rockin’ Black Bean Burgers, Red Bean Burgers, “Hungry Guy” Burgers (SHOWN ABOVE), or Mushroom-Nut Burgers.
Confetti Oven Fries: Confetti Oven Fries are a tantalizing and delicious mix of russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. Tossing them with a bit of olive oil and then baking them in the oven turns these spuds into tasty “fries!”
Colorful Coleslaw with a Kick!: My husband calls Colorful Coleslaw with a Kick “hot” slaw because it has a good bit of spice to it, and it’s super satisfying!


Rockin’ Berry Parfaits: These bountiful Rockin’ Berry Parfaits are the perfect way to serve farm fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries when they are in season. A delectable cashew “cream” is layered between layers of luscious berries, garnished with a cookie on top. The red, white and blue theme of this dessert makes an excellent choice for a July 4th party. Delightful!

Little Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches: These refreshing mini treats are sure to dazzle your family and guests alike. A crisp chocolate cookie crunch juxtaposed with a cold and creamy “ice cream” filling makes these frozen confections the darling of any party. Plus, Little Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches are a breeze to prepare!
Balsamic Strawberry Delight with Fresh Mint and Cashew Cream: Balsamic Strawberry Delight with Fresh Mint and Cashew Cream features ripe strawberries combined with a rich tasting cashew cream and fresh mint, providing a refreshing dessert!


Berry and Maple Mint Ice Tea: Berry-Maple-Mint Iced Tea is a refreshing way to greet your guests for a summer afternoon party.
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