26 Episodes now on Prime Video!

Watch Jazzy Vegetarian Season Five and Season Four on Prime Video!

Jazzy Vegetarian is now streaming 26 episodes on Prime Video! You can now watch Season Five and Season Four of Jazzy Vegetarian anytime on Prime Video, featuring Laura’s easy, festive and delicious vegan meals. 

About Season Five on Prime Video: From Sunday Brunch to a Garden-Fresh Dinner, Taste award-winning host Laura Theodore-with help from celebrity guests like Lidia Bastianich (Lidia’s Kitchen), Rickey Medlocke (of the rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd), and Julieanna Hever (the Plant-Based Dietitian), cooks plant-powered meals. Read all about Season Five here.

Watch Season Five on Prime Video

About Season Four on Prime Video: Food lovers are in for a treat: Jazzy Vegetarian Season Four is full of celebrity guests and celebratory meals.  TASTE award-winning host Laura Theodore — with help from celebrity guests like Ed Begley Jr., T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D, Michael Feinstein, and Jim Brickman — shows viewers how to cook easy, great-tasting vegan food for family and friends. Read all about Season Four here.

Watch Season Four on Prime Video
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