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Embark on a journey to a more compassionate world with host and renowned PBS vegan chef, Laura Theodore, the “Jazzy Vegetarian.” Join Laura for an informative hour of conversations with expert guests – focusing on helpful tips, nutritional guidance, short meditations, stress reduction, dietary tips and easy-to-prepare vegan recipes for the whole family.


This month on the Jazzy Vegetarian podcast we have an excellent guest line up on Unity Online Radio (scroll down the page for the list below). Some highlights form our guests include nutritional and dietary information, short guided meditations, the interconnectedness of Humans and Animals, recipes from the vegan pantry and more to help us through these troubling and uncertain times. We hope you will tune in!

July 2nd – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off! with Dr. Pam Popper: Founder and President of Wellness Forum Health, Dr. Pam Popper will discuss what to eat, along with strategies that work to help lose weight. She will help us understand the problem with many weight loss plans and why so many fad diets fail. Dr. Popper serves on the President’s Board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C., and she is author of Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life.

July 9TH  – Plant-Based Eating for Health with Kathleen Gage: Founder of PlantBasedEatingforHealth.com, Kathleen Gage, will discuss self-care in today’s changing world and share tips on how to help minimize your risk of COVID-19 through better nutrition. Kathleen received a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from eCornell University in order to help raise awareness about the benefits and compassion of a plant based lifestyle. 

July 16TH – When Life Blows Up: A Guide to Peace, Power and Reinvention with Cylvia Hayes: Certified empowerment coach, spiritual teacher and public speaker Cylvia Hayes will help us look at how we can reinvent our lives, careers and identities while reclaiming peace, power and purpose. Cylvia will share how to manage fear in crisis, release shame and guilt and how we can harness forgiveness. Cylvia is the former First Lady of Oregon, founder of 3EStrategies and serves on faculty in the Sustainability Department of Oregon State University.  

July 23RD – Getting Grounded in the Midst of Chaos with Cynthia Occelli: Accomplished author, radio-host, and mentor Cynthia Occelli will discuss how to cultivate self-worth and release self-doubt during these challenging times. She will share tips on becoming grounded and centered, healing and balancing our energy centers and changing our lives by becoming the best version of ourselves. Hailed by President Bill Clinton as an American success story, Cynthia is host of “Self-Centered with Cynthia Occelli” on Unity Online Radio.

July 30TH – Living in Flow with Cara Bradley: Motivational speaker, entrepreneur and authority of body-mind training, Cara Bradley will discuss strategies on how to shift from frazzled to focused and how to experience stillness, settle our nervous system, reduce stress and get vitality. Cara is a former pro skater and has led Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and college sports teams through her signature performance strategies. She is author of On The Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine and host of the On The Verge podcast. 



June 4TH – The Truth About Osteoporosis with Dr. Pam Popper: Founder and President of Wellness Forum Health, Dr. Pam Popper will discuss osteoporosis; including what causes osteoporosis, the top plant sources of calcium, and the best ways to keep your bones healthy. Dr. Popper serves on the President’s Board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C., and she is author of Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life. Listen here.

June 11th – Summer Pantry Cooking with Nava Atlas: Bestselling vegetarian and vegan cookbook author, Nava Atlas, shares how to shift into lighter foods for warmer weather, focusing on recipes and tips that feature summer produce combined with pantry staples. Nava is the author of many cookbooks, including 5-Ingredient Vegan, Wild About Greens, Vegan Holiday Kitchen, Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons, and others. Listen here.

June 18th – Top Picks for Convenient Plant-Based Foods with Rebecca Heaton: Rebecca Heaton is the editor of Live Naturally magazine, focusing on natural and organic eating, along with ideas for healthy, sustainable living. Rebecca will share information on trending plant-based foods and eco-friendly lifestyle tips. Rebecca has been writing about nutrition, health, fitness and wellness for more than 25 years. Listen here.

June 25thBuilding a Healthier Immune System with Julieanna Hever MS, RD, CPT: Julieanna Hever MS, RD, CPT, The Plant-Based Dietitian, will share how we can eat well in these challenging times, while strengthening our immune system. Julieanna will share her guidelines for readjusting the way we think about food, effective diet tips that can help to reduce the risk of disease and achieve optimal health. Julieanna Hever has an MS in Nutrition and has authored five books, and she is co-author of the Healthspan Solution. Listen here.

About the Jazzy Vegetarian Podcast:

Now broadcast on Unity Online Radio, each episode features knowledgeable guests sharing innovative philosophies, up-to-date dietary information and expert ideas to help you embrace a happier, healthier and kinder life. The Jazzy Vegetarian podcast previously ran for eight years on the BlogtalkRadio online network. with over 1.2 million listener impressions.

Guests on the program have included: Television superstar and vegan, Emily Deschanel; Emmy nominated actor, director and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr.; Dr. Pam Popper; Dr. T Colin Campbell; Rich Roll; Dr. Joel Fuhrman, five-time Grammy nominated entertainer, Michael Feinstein; seven-time Grammy winner Paul Winter; Grammy nominees, Jim Brickman; and international pop icon, Belinda Carlisle and many more. Learn more and listen here.

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