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A big thank you goes to our awesome sponsors! We could not produce our show without your generous support! Season Nine was produced with support from Papa Vince Foods, Plaine Products, Milkadamia, Green Chef, and VegFund. Please scroll down to learn about them!

Learn more about Papa Vince

Thank you so very much to Papa Vince for being a Season Nine, Season Eight and Season Seven sponsor! Papa Vince is a small family business that has been making its own Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Sicily, Italy, since 1935. Papa Vince Extra Virgin Olive Oil is first cold pressed, unblended, unfiltered, unrefined, rich in antioxidants and made with the olives that were handpicked and pressed at the Papa Vince family orchards. All Papa Vince products are produced in small quantities with a few high quality ingredients. Papa Vince wants our customers to become part of the family and just like the Italians, to make memories with good friends and great food around the table!

Learn more about Plaine Products

Thank you to Plaine Products for being a Season Nine sponsor! Plaine Products is one family’s answer to the earth’s single-use plastic crisis. Offering a line of toxin-free personal care products on a per-item or subscription basis, Plaine Products come in aluminum bottles that can be sent back and refilled time after time. Plaine Products has started a trend that is quickly catching on, offering an alternative to single-use containers. All of the products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, biodegradable, color-safe and free of parabens, sulfates and toxins; they’re good for the body and the planet, reducing waste and helping stop the use of single-use plastics.

Learn more about Milkadamia

Learn more about Green Chef

Thank you to Green Chef for being a Season Nine sponsor! Founded in 2014, Green Chef is the first USDA-certified organic meal kit company. Green Chef delivers meal kits across the country. Ingredients come pre-portioned and prepped, saving time. The recipes are so easy to prepare that anyone can do it. Green Chef believes in clean plates and a clean planet, working closely with farmers to supply responsibly grown organic ingredients. Green Chef is also proud to be a carbon-neutral company. All our packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and we actively offset our emissions. 

Learn more about VegFund

Thank you to VegFund for being a Season Nine sponsor! VegFund empowers vegan advocates through grant funding and supporting effective outreach that inspires people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle. VegFund is committed to promoting vegan living as fundamentally important in its positive impact on human health and well-being, world hunger, environmental and climate health, efficient use of land and water resources, wildlife and habitats, and as the most effective means to exclude all forms of animal exploitation. Since its founding in 2009, VegFund has supported thousands of vegan outreach projects throughout the world.

Our deep gratitude goes to our generous sponsors from previous seasons:

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Many thanks too, to our brand partners. Read more HERE.

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