Jazzy Vegetarian (10th Anniversary Edition)

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Jazzy Vegetarian (10th Anniversary Edition)


JAZZY VEGETARIAN: Lively Vegan Cuisine That’s Easy and Delicious (10TH Anniversary Edition), signed by Laura

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  • This fantastic cookbook will simultaneously dazzle and nourish people of all ages, focusing on 100% vegan recipes that are easy–to–prepare, nutritious, and most of all, delicious!
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Embrace healthful eating . . . one mouthwatering vegan recipe at a time! Viewers of the award-winning public television series, “Jazzy Vegetarian,” will now be able to cook all of their favorite plant-based dishes from Season Ten of Jazzy Vegetarian on PBS with this exciting, new, revised and updated edition of Chef Laura Theodore’s most popular cookbook, “JAZZY VEGETARIAN: Lively Vegan Cuisine That’s Easy and Delicious!”

With over 120 dazzling vegan recipes, more full-color photos, and 25 new recipes from Season Ten of the highly successful PBS television series, this updated edition divulges Laura’s secrets for creating light, wholesome, and satisfying dishes that everyone can master. From tips on how to be more efficient in the kitchen, to the best way to shop for organic produce, Laura’s passion for cooking is contagious and her dedication to a vegan lifestyle motivational.

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“JAZZY VEGETARIAN: Lively Vegan Cuisine That’s Easy and Delicious (10th Anniversary Edition),” delivers show-stopping guidance and recipes that make it easy to embrace healthful yet sumptuous vegan dining at home!

In Jazzy Vegetarian readers will:

*   Learn how to transform regional favorites into tempting meatless versions, including egg- and dairy-free soups, salads, sandwiches, entrées, and desserts.

* Select from a vast range of menus for every occasion, each one nutritionally balanced and bursting with perfectly coordinated flavors and textures.

* Replicate the tempting creations demonstrated on the show, and get bonus recipes from Season Ten of the Jazzy Vegetarian public television series.

* Discover musical selections and enjoy an abundance of new, enticing photographs that offer a peek behind the Jazzy scenes into the creation of the show.

Additional highlights include: Modernized cooking tips, gluten-free options, guidelines to lower–the–fat content in many recipes, and detailed information on how to create fabulous vegan recipes that will fit any need, whether you want to completely overhaul your diet or simply add a few exciting plant-powered dishes to your weekly repertoire.

From vegan burgers–to–simple salads, satisfying soups–to–snazzy sides, and rich-tasting scrumptious desserts; The 10th anniversary edition of Jazzy Vegetarian: Lively Vegan Cuisine That’s Easy and Delicious will simultaneously dazzle and nourish people of all ages, focusing on 100% vegan recipes that are easy–to–prepare, nutritious, and most of all, delicious!


“Laura Theodore is pitch perfect with this collection of delicious vegan recipes. Jazzy Vegetarian proves you do not have to sacrifice taste or variety to eat in a way that is aligned with your deepest values of compassion.” —Gene Baur, president and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary

“Why would a low-carb, high-protein guy like myself endorse a vegetarian cookbook? Simple. Cause it’s terrific. No matter what dietary philosophy you follow, adding more plant foods to your existing diet is always a good idea, and this book is chock-full of wonderful ways to do just that.”—Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, The Rogue NutritionistTM, author of The 150 Healthiest Foods on EarthLiving Low Carb, and Unleash Your Thin

Jazzy Vegetarian hits a high note for plant-based diets. It embodies all that I love about food . . . simplicity, nutrition, and above all, flavor.” —Alisa Fleming, author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook and founder of GoDairyFree.org

“I love watching Laura’s show to help motivate me to try new recipes for the Red Robin Song Guest House. If you are looking for a cookbook for yourself, or a gift, this is a great one. The recipes are delicious, healthy, and it has guides for changing recipes to accommodate different needs, plus twelve meal plans to help create the perfect combinations. This book is also an excellent choice for beginners!” —Lisa Robinson, Founder, InnKeeper of Red Robin Song Guest House & Animal Sanctuary

“With a special appeal for those with an interest in gluten free recipes, vegan cooking and menu planning, “Jazzy Vegetarian: Lively Vegan Cuisine That’s Easy and Delicious” is a very highly recommended choice for personal, professional, and community library cookbook collections.” Midwest Book Review 

“Laura has an infectious passion for plant-based, environmentally conscious living that I admire. Her down-to-earth, no-fuss approach to food and her upbeat ‘Jazzy’ personality are a delightful blend that sparkles across the airwaves.” —Alan Roettinger, author of Speed Vegan and Omega 3 Cuisine


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