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15 Vegan Recipes featuring Autumn Squash

Autumn is the time for squash. I love creating delicious dishes using squash; like soups, casseroles, quiche, pasta impostors, risotto, zoodles, appetizers, stuffed squash, baked squash, and even desserts! Some of my favorite varieties to cook with are zucchini, summer…

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Yummy Recipes By Hannah Kaminsky

An expert recipe creator, super talented photographer, and award-winning vegan blogger, Hannah Kaminsky is one of my favorite fellow vegans! Hannah’s newest book, The Student Vegan Cookbook, is an exceptional cookbook with recipes for amazing vegan snacks, treats, and meals…

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Vegan Burgers for Summer Celebrations!

The fourth of July weekend is the quintessential time to serve fun and flavorful outdoor meals. Vegan burgers make the perfect centerpiece for a nutritious and delicious celebratory menu! These 15 fabulous burgers were created by talented plant-powered chefs, along…

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