This mix-and-match line up of plant-powered recipes will bring lots of jazzylicious-ness to your Memorial Day weekend meals. You can choose from this tasty lineup of vegan burgers, fabulous fries, snazzy salads and scrumptious desserts to create your own enticing menus this weekend.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and fun Memorial Day Weekend!


Rockin’ Black Bean Burgers – Hearty black beans, walnuts, and rolled oats combined with some snazzy spices create this vegan Rockin’ Black Bean Burger recipe that stands front and center for an easy and satisfying family meal.
Mushroom-Nut Burgers – For years I tried and tried to come up with an easy way to make a great-tasting burger substitute. When paired with a whole-grain bun, this Mushroom-Nut Burger recipe has a hearty texture and robust taste that stands in magnificently for the meat-based version.
Red Bean Burgers – These moist and dense Red Bean Burgers stand in pleasingly for a traditional burger, featuring the hearty texture of red beans along with other nutritious goodies.
“Hungry Guy” Burgers – My husband always complained that I did not make our veggie burgers BIG enough! So the “Hungry Guy” Burger was born. Packed with hearty black beans, spicy salsa and rolled oats, these five-ingredient wonders are filling and super-quick to prepare. Now everyone’s happy! Photo Credit: Annie Oliverio
Big Vegan BBQ Burgers – Serve this yummy vegan and gluten-free burger on a crusty roll or bun with lettuce, tomato and “Creamy Paprika Sauce” with Fabulous Oven Fries on the side, and you have a classic pairing to please vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike!
Sunny Black Bean Burgers – Tired of frozen meat-free burgers? These Sunny Black Bean Burgers bring a ray of sunshine to your table, with protein-rich ingredients like black beans, sunflower seeds and walnuts. A cross between a hearty burger and flavorful paté, these patties prep for the oven in less than 10 minutes, making them an ideal option for a casual weekday meal.


Confetti Fries – Confetti Oven Fries are a tantalizing and delicious mix of russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. Tossing them with a bit of olive oil and then baking them in the oven turns these spuds into tasty “fries!”

Polenta Cottage Fries – These yummy Polenta Cottage Fries are baked instead of fried. The result is a delicious side dish that even the kiddos will love!
Fabulous Oven Fries – If you’re a fan of french fries but could do without the fat and calories of deep-fried versions, you’ll love this recipe. Although these are oven-roasted potatoes with a bit of olive oil, they have a crispy exterior that’s extra crunchy because the potatoes aren’t peeled. Don’t forget the catsup!
Red Potato Oven Fries – Baking these Red Potato Oven Fries in the oven makes them easy and delicious. Serve ‘em with a burger, salad, or sandwich and you’re good to go!
Tiny Potatoes with Spicy Mustard Sauce – These tender and flavorful Tiny Potatoes with Spicy Mustard Sauce make a great substitute for traditional fries! They are baked in the oven with a zingy mustard sauce, making a festive side dish for any supper.
Garam Masala Sweet Potato Bites with Spicy Catsup Sauce – A sweet and spicy surprise awaits when you bite into these dainty and flavorful Garam Masala Sweet Potato “Fries” with Spicy Ketchup Dip.
Potato Fun Fries – These yummy Potato Fun Fries will perk up any kid-friendly meal!
Baked Steak Fries – These oven-baked delights are so crispy you will not believe they are actually roasted without oil! Bonus: Baked Steak Fries are a great use for leftover baked spuds.


Chickpea and Artichoke Salad – Chickpea and Artichoke Salad is a delicious and filling salad to serve as a substantial main course or hearty side dish. The chickpeas and artichoke hearts provide substance, while the spinach and sweet peppers add color and crunch. It’s such a beautiful dish to look at, too!
Smokin’ Coleslaw – Smokin’ Coleslaw makes a great summer side dish or burger topper.
Kale, Lime and Almond Salad – A zingy punch of freshly squeezed lime juice adds freshness to this unique Kale, Lime and Almond Salad. This lively combination is sure to please when you’re looking to serve up your daily greens with a piquant flair.
Fresh Raspberry Salad with Greens and Sunflower Seeds – This is a delicious spring or summertime twist on my “go-to” green salad. I serve some version of this festive salad whenever I have company over. Sweet, fresh raspberries combine beautifully with the tangy balsamic dressing. Be sure to add the dressing right before you serve it so the berries stay firm and the greens are crisp.
Red Quinoa, Avocado, and Chickpea Salad – Red quinoa is becoming more commonly available in supermarkets. Here, it adds gorgeous color along with a slightly nutty taste to this hearty, main-dish Red Quinoa, Avocado, and Chickpea Salad.
Country-Style Red Potato Salad – Planning a festive spring or summer luncheon? Whip up this tasty spud salad and serve it with my Snazzy Salad Trio! It’s a delicious and easy-to-prepare meal that will please vegans and omnivoresadults and kiddosalike! 
Tomato Salad with Basil – During the summer months when basil is growing like crazy on my back deck and tomatoes (fresh off the vine) are plentiful at my local farmers’ market, I like to make this straightforward salad. Sometimes just a few simple ingredients produce a very flavorful dish, as this combination of the best of summer’s bounty proves. 
Penne and Black Bean Salad – Perfect to serve all year long, this filling and flavorful Penne and Black Bean Salad provides a pleasing combination of plump pasta and vibrant colors with chopped fresh veggies, for crunch.
 Deli-Style Macaroni Salad – This classic Deli-Style Macaroni Salad is reminiscent of the kind you’d find in a New York deli. With its traditional taste and delightful texture, it makes an attractive pairing to any picnic or barbecue-style summer meal.
Andy’s Favorite Potato Salad – My husband loves this potato salad so much that I just had to name it after him. A real crowd-pleaser, Andy’s Potato Salad uses tender red potatoes, combined with crisp carrots and crunchy celery all smothered in a sassy vegan mayonnaise sauce.


Rockin’ Berry Parfaits – These bountiful Rockin’ Berry Parfaits are the perfect way to serve farm fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries when they are in season. A delectable cashew “cream” is layered between layers of luscious berries, garnished with a cookie on top. The red, white and blue theme of this dessert makes an excellent choice for a summer party. Delightful!
Raspberry Oat Squares – Just a few basic ingredients come together to make up these scrumptious Raspberry Oat Squares that do triple duty as a healthy dessert, afternoon snack or bountiful breakfast treat.
Frozen Banana “Nice Cream” – This Frozen Banana “Creamy” dessert is a breeze to prepare. Especially refreshing as an afternoon snack or light dessert in warmer weather, this creamy concoction emulates frozen custard and is much more economical than store-bought nondairy versions. Note that to achieve the ideal consistency, the bananas should be frozen for at least twenty-four hours before making this dessert and the nondairy milk should be well chilled.
Blueberry Cheeze-Cake Squares – Here are nutritious ingredients disguised as a decadent, creamy dessert bar nestled in a tasty fruit and nut crust—all topped with fresh blueberries. These Blueberry Cheeze-Cake Squares double as a delightful breakfast pastry, too!
Balsamic Strawberry Delight with Fresh Mint and Cashew Cream – Balsamic Strawberry Delight with Fresh Mint and Cashew Cream features ripe strawberries combined with a rich tasting cashew cream and fresh mint, providing a refreshing dessert for a spring lunch or supper.
Little Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches – These refreshing mini treat are sure to dazzle your family and guests alike. A crisp chocolate cookie crunch juxtaposed with a cold and creamy “ice cream” filling makes these frozen confections the darling of any party. Plus, Little Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches are a breeze to prepare!
Cocoa Cake Brownie Bites with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting – Cocoa-Cake Brownie Bites with Creamy Chocolate-Peanut Butter Frosting make a fantastic dessert or after-school snack. These yummy vegan brownies will delight kiddos and adults alike! With a pop of chocolaty-peanut butter frosting, spread over moist, cake-like brownie squares, this sweet treat is a real winner.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies – Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies are packed with an irresistible nutty flavor and delectable jelly filling.
Maple Tofu Whip with Fresh Berries – When you have the need for a vegan whipped cream topping, try this creamy tofu whip. Its smooth texture and delicate flavor will complement almost any dessert, from frozen concoctions to cakes and pies. It’s also great over plain fresh fruit.
Maple Lemonade – If you need an afternoon pick-me-up, try sipping this cool, refreshing lemonade. It’s a sweet twist on an American classic.
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