Looking for small bites, a quick nosh, or fancy appetizers for the holidays?  These ten colorful, tasty and easy recipes will satiate and satisfy! From veggie kebabs – to creamy dips – to mini-pizzas, this mix-n’-match list of ten festive offerings is sure to please. Here’s wishing you healthy holidays!

Raw Veggie Kebabs
Here is a refreshing way to greet guests with a festive veggie appetizer!
Lemony Guacamole
Lemon provides zing when mashed with ripe avocados for this tasty dip.
Flatbread Mini-Veggie Pizzas
Everyone loves Italian and these mini pizzas will disappear in a flash!
Zucchini-Avocado “Sushi” Rolls
My jazzy twist on traditional sushi makes a festive presentation.
Garam Masala Sweet Potato Bites with Spicy Catsup Sauce
Spicy and sweet, these snazzy spuds will add pizzaz to your appetizer table.
Vegan Deviled Eggs
Little steamed potatoes filled with hummus make an excellent vegan version of a festive favorite.
Sweet and Salty Almonds
A little sweet and a little salt makes these almonds shine!
Jazzy Potato Skins
YUM! Tender potato skins filled to the brim with veggies and vegan cheese makes crowd pleasing fare.
Salsa-licious Guacamole
Salsa adds a spicy kick to this easy guacamole.
Stuffed Celery Sticks
Just like Mom used to make! Crisp celery filled with hummus, peanut butter or vegan cream cheese makes an easy appetizer or quick snack.

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