These twelve delightful desserts are all vegan and delicious, featuring a variety of scrumptious and colorful ingredients like fresh berries, zesty lemons, creamy chocolate, fluffy coconut, and even zucchini! Serve any of these luscious sweets for an appetizing, spring-forward finish to a festive meal.

Strawberry Mountain Pie – This delightful and delicious vegan strawberry cream pie provides the perfect showcase for fresh, ripe strawberries or raspberries. The filling is so creamy you will not believe it’s based in raw cashews and tofu. Easy to assemble and super yummy!
Divine Chocolate Mousse Cake – This delectable Divine Chocolate Mousse Cake is so delicious, you will have folks asking for more, more, more!
Coconut Vegaroons – Flaxseeds stand in for the egg whites in these Coconut Vegaroons, while garbanzo flour helps to bind them. The result is a flawless macaroon that is egg-, dairy-, and gluten-free!
Lemon-Blueberry Oat Cake – This super lemony cake makes an inviting dessert. Packed with fresh blueberries, bananas, and chopped pecans, this tender baked goodie is sure to please! For a fancy party, use a ring mold to cut the cake into rounds, then garnish with fresh berries, and fresh mint sprigs.
Vegan Vanilla Cream-Chocolate Pudding Parfaits – Beautiful to look at and lovely to eat, these simple but elegant Vanilla Cream-Chocolate Pudding Parfaits will surely please vanilla and chocolate lovers alike.
Lemon “Buttermilk” Cake with Maple Glaze – This quick-to-assemble Lemon “Buttermilk” Cake with Maple Glaze features a 5-minute vegan “buttermilk” and a sweet maple glaze.
Deep Dark Chocolate Truffle Pudding – Wow your guests with a pudding that tastes so decadent, they will not believe it’s totally soy-free, gluten-free and vegan! Silky smooth, thick, rich and super chocolaty—this is a flawless dessert that will impress the chocolate fans in your life.
Incredible Chocolate Brownies – Serve these scrumptious plant-based brownies plain or topped with a generous dollop of vegan whipped “cream.” Either way, they are absolutely yummy!
Maple Tofu Whip with Fresh Berries – Serve my creamy, vegan tofu whip over fresh berries for a beautiful, fresh, and easy dessert.
Zucchini-Orange Cupcakes with Vegan Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting – Kid pleasing Zucchini-Orange Cupcakes with Vegan Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting are moist and delicious.
Vegan Dessert Charcuterie Board – For an easy dessert, simply arrange some fresh fruit and nuts, along with vegan cookies and sweets, on an attractive cutting board or large platter! It’s a “WOW” dessert with no cooking or baking required!
Cocoa Cake Brownie Bites with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting – These tasty treats make a fantastic dessert for a kiddo-friendly meal. With a pop of chocolaty-peanut butter frosting spread over moist, cake-like brownie squares, this baked goodie is a real winner.

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