With Hanukkah celebrations beginning this week, I am honored to share this easy vegan Hanukkah menu created by the amazing Nava Atlas! Featuring a light Middle Eastern-themed meal to accompany your plant-based latkes, along with a pair of yummy chocolate desserts, this menu makes an elegant presentation for your holiday table. Recently, Nava shared her expert vegan holiday tips on the podcast. Thank you Nava!

Vegan Latkes for Hanukkah, Baked or Fried: The secret to how these easy vegan latkes (potato pancakes) hold together is using cooked oatmeal or quinoa flakes instead of the traditional eggs.
Baba Ghanouj: An eggplant lover’s delight, this classic Middle Eastern dip, is delicious scooped up on wedges of pita or other flatbread.
Homemade Hummus, 12 Easy & Delicious Ways: Everyone loves hummus — or at least, everyone I know! Here’s an easy homemade hummus recipe, with 12 tasty variations.
Israeli Salad with Pearl Couscous: Adding pearl couscous (also known, fittingly, as Israeli couscous) to classic Israeli salad makes it more substantial.
Chocolate-Dipped Figs: Let’s dispense with the fried donuts, shall we, and opt for something simpler, lighter and chocolate-y, shall we? There are few desserts that are more sensuous than chocolate-dipped figs, according to Ilene Godofsky Moreno, who created this recipe. They take almost no time to make and need no baking.
Cocoa-Date Energy Balls: If you can’t find fresh figs, surely dried dates are easier to come by. They provide an appealing texture and sweetness to a truffle-like vegan treat.
If you do not have Nava’s cookbooks in your kitchen library, I highly recommend them! Nava is offering discounted, signed copies of her fabulous cookbooks HERE.
Want more vegan holiday tips? Listen to Nava on The Laura Theodore Podcast, where she shares her expert tips on how easy it can be to serve a delicious vegan holiday menu featuring plant-powered recipes! Listen HERE or listen on Apple Podcasts HERE.

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