Autumn is the perfect time for purchasing fresh-picked produce at your local farm market. But what do you do with the various varieties of seasonal squash, cruciferous wonders, and crisp apples that you bring home?

All of the recipes here are being featured on Jazzy Vegetarian this fall on the nationally broadcast Create Channel and on WLIW-21 in the New York tri-state area! I hope you will check your local listings and tune in.

Savor these bountiful recipes and please have a Healthy Autumn!

The star of this festive fall recipe line-up is inspired by the harvest: My Cauliflower Steaks with Sweet Pepper Sauce, are colorful, impressive, and satisfying making an entrée that’s ideal to serve throughout the fall and winter season. Smothered in a flavorful sweet pepper sauce, you can serve this yummy dish for a weeknight meal or festive celebration.

Craving the comforting, creamy texture and smooth taste of mac and cheese? This innovative Mac ‘n Peas Casserole is a kiddo friendly recipe that fills the bill when you’re seeking a warm and hearty replacement for the dairy-laden version of this classic recipe. Peas add color and pop, while the seasonal butternut squash and cashews create a super velvety sauce.

Highlighting cabbage, an autumnal favorite, this Sweet and Sour Stuffed Cabbage recipe is based on my mother-in-law’s traditional family recipe and it’s totally tasty. A tangy tomato sauce enhanced with freshly squeezed lemon juice balances beautifully with brown sugar, making a true sweet and sour sauce for these hearty, savory stuffed cabbage rolls. A fabulous holiday dish or satisfying weeknight meal!

Potatoes are great storage vegetables, but most varieties are harvested in the fall. My Spicy Chickpea and Potato Stew is a sensational dish! It has quite a line-up of ingredients, but it’s very easy to prepare and has a spicy kick to it, with a bit of an Indian flair.

Another potato-centric dish is my hearty Quick Red Lentil-Potato Soup! Needing only fifteen minutes to prep, with only seven ingredients to assemble, this potage is an excellent candidate for a nutritious lunch or informal supper. As the red lentils cook, they break down to magically thicken the broth. Before you know it, you have a hearty and delicious soup, ready to serve.

Butternut Bisque presents a smooth, creamy and flavorful potage for hearty fall meals. Butternut squash combined with seasonal cauliflower and freshly picked apples provide a rich flavor in this easy-to-prepare soup.

Last (but not least) Baked Apples in Parchment are true fall fare, providing a satisfying snack, nutritious breakfast treat, or delicious and elegant finish to any festive meal.

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