Sunday is Father’s Day and serving a special meal – prepared with Dad in mind  – is a great way to celebrate. This family-friendly vegan menu will please kiddos and adults alike, with a festive appetizer, quick and delicious burger, trio of chilled salads, refreshing beverage and a show-stopping chocolaty pie for dessert!

I am wishing you a wonderful day!

These simple nibbles are always a hit at any get-together. Using pre-made guacamole makes these Guacamole Mini-Peppers super quick and easy!

These “Hungry Guy” Burgers are prepared from pantry ingredients, making them an excellent choice for a meat-free supper! This recipe has become a real fan favorite, packed with hearty black beans, spicy salsa and rolled oats. Plus, these burgers are quick to prepare and totally jazzylicious! 

My husband loves this potato salad so much that I just had to name it after him. A real crowd-pleaser, Andy’s Potato Salad uses tender red potatoes, combined with crisp carrots and crunchy celery all coated in a sassy vegan mayonnaise sauce.

This Herbed Rice and Bean Salad is the perfect way to incorporate cooked rice into a super sassy summer salad. The chickpeas provide a pop of protein, while a rainbow of veggies add vibrant color and tantalizing texture. You can make this salad well ahead of time and refrigerate until serving – so it’s an ideal star for serving at a warm weather get-together!

This quick, crisp Romaine and Tomato Salad deserves a flavorful dressing that’s rich and creamy. Perfect for a summer supper but simple enough for weeknight fare.

Mad Mocha Marbled Mousse Pie is gorgeous to look at, delicious to eat and a delight to serve! Your family will think you slaved for hours creating the “fancy” marbled effect, but it’s actually super easy to do!

Maple-Mint Lemonade is a classic summertime refresher for Dad’s day.

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