Brunch anyone? My vegan and delicious brunch menu features a savory eggless scramble, tasty biscuit trio, vegan cashew French toast, and choice of a pretty tomato-basil platter or fresh fruit salad bowl! It’s so yummy! These recipes, (plus 115 more,) are all included in the signed edition of my companion cookbook: Jazzy Vegetarian (10th Anniversary Edition)! When it’s not breakfast and it’s not lunch…it’s brunch! 

If you’ve been missing scrambled eggs, then this No-Egg Scramble is the dish for you. For a hearty breakfast, serve the scramble with whole-grain toast, vegan bacon or sausage, and fruit on the side. When I serve this dish family-style, I spoon the hot scramble into a covered serving tureen so it stays warm at the table.
This Cashew French Toast a foolproof version of the classic recipe. I discovered that cashews make a rich, thick mixture, perfect for dipping the bread into. Voilà! Vegan French toast that rivals the best of conventional recipes. Serve it warm, liberally drizzled with maple syrup.
A friend once told me that I should sell these Blueberry Mini-Biscuits so everyone could have a chance to taste them. Better yet, I’m providing the recipe so you can make them at home. They’re easy to put together, even if you’ve never made biscuits before. Crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside, they have a delicate flavor that makes a pleasing addition not just to breakfasts and brunches, but also to lunch or an evening meal.
This Fancy Fruit Salad is great to serve as a side dish for breakfast or brunch.
This Tomato-Basil Pinwheel salad, which features fresh tomatoes. Slices of succulent tomatoes are arranged on a large platter with bright green basil leaves tucked between them.
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