This lovely vegan brunch menu is an excellent choice to serve for a colorful mid-day meal. Featuring an easy egg-less and crust-free quiche recipe, a pretty spring salad, and delicious vegan french toast, this line-up makes a festive mid-day meal.

Serve this delightful menu for breakfast, lunch, brunch or supper!
Mini Quiche Cups are crust-less little broccoli and tomato quiche bites. These pretty quiches are easy to whip up for an early morning meal or impressive brunch treat. Tofu stands in for the eggs and cream, while vegan cheese pairs with fresh broccoli to make a satisfying dish. Get the recipe.
Fabulous French Toast is a baked version of the classic morning recipe.
My Mother-in-Law has a wonderful recipe for baked French toast, so I decided to veganize it so I could make it for my family (and myself)! I adore the classic taste of this delightful breakfast casserole! Get the vegan Fabulous French Toast recipe HERE.
Yum! – is all I can say about this truly satisfying, fruit salad with bright tastes and beautiful colors. Almost Ambrosia Salad features coconut, clementines, dates, pineapple, and bananas—a lively first course for this festive meal. Reminiscent of a classic ambrosia, but sans the overly sweet marshmallows, this lively dish is great to serve for a mid-morning treat. Get the recipe.
Deliciously vegan, this colorful meal will “WOW” your family!
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