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Balsamic Strawberry Delight with Fresh Mint and Cashew Cream

Balsamic Strawberry Delight is a delectable dessert with a true Italian flair. The tart balsamic vinegar combined with sweet maple syrup and fresh mint enhances the flavor of fresh, juicy strawberries. Topped with a light vegan Cashew Cream whipped “cream,”…

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Mac ’n Peas with Creamy Butternut Squash Sauce

Craving the comforting, creamy texture and smooth taste of mac and cheese? Like my Mac ‘n Peas Casserole, this recipe features cashews and butternut squash for the creamy sauce, but instead of being baked, the recipe is cooked on the…

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Recipe of the Week! Vegan Twice Baked Potatoes

This yummy recipe is based on my Grandmother’s recipe for “Twice Baked Potatoes.” I loved them, but they were packed with cheese, cream and butter. So, I created a flavorful “cheese-like” vegan potato stuffing to replicate Grandma’s specialty!