Best of Jazzy Vegetarian DVD

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Best of Jazzy Vegetarian DVD


The BEST of JAZZY VEGETARIAN DVD Collection, signed by Laura!

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3-Disc DVD Set (9 episodes )

Run Time: 216 MINUTES

The BEST of JAZZY VEGETARIAN DVD Collection features 9 popular episodes from the highly successful, TASTE award-winning, Jazzy Vegetarian public television series. READ MORE about the JAZZY VEGETARIAN DVD COLLECTION  below.


ABOUT The Best of Jazzy Vegetarian 3-Disc DVD Set:

Fans of this highly successful series know that vegan chef Laura Theodore can turn any meal into a delicious special occasion. Each half-hour episode includes hands-on instruction and tasty tips for seasoned cooks and newcomers alike. Laura creates scrumptious entrées like Holiday Stuffing Casserole, Spaghetti and Wheatballs, and Polenta Pizza. And when sweet treats are in order, Laura highlights decadent and rich-tasting desserts like Chocolate Cake, Luscious Carrot Cupcakes and Homemade Pumpkin Pie.
Episode 101 “Festive Lasagna” – Laura Theodore, prepares her “Festive Zucchini Lasagna,” a delicious dish with a healthy twist. The meal starts with a simple to make, but fancy to serve, “Quick Carrot and Orzo Soup.” “Raspberry Maple Tofu Whip with Fresh Berries” finishes this meal with a flourish. This tasty menu is all vegetarian and perfect to serve at any festive family occasion.
Episode 103 “Deli Delights” – Laura Theodore prepares scrumptious lighter versions of traditional deli favorites such as; “Eggless Egg Salad” and grilled “Rueben Sandwiches,” paired with “Zesty Zucchini Oven Fries.” Quick and easy, “Jazzy Vegetarian Not Liver” tastes just like the real thing. “Upside Down Apple Cake” is a rich and authentic tasting classic dessert that makes a delicious finish to a delightful, homemade, deli-style meal!
Episode 204 “Just Desserts” – Laura Theodore prepares scrumptious sweet desserts featuring “Double-Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Icing,” the perfect indulgence to please any chocolate fan. Then “Luscious Little Carrot Cupcakes” are a ‘two-in-one’ baked treat that serve as a flavorsome breakfast muffin too. “Almondy Oatmeal Cookies with Raisins and Chocolate Chips” are a delightfully crisp and satisfying cookie confection.
Episode 213 “Happy Holiday Meal” – Laura Theodore’s holiday meal features petite “Acorn Squash with Mushroom, Walnut and Celery Stuffing.” On the side, sweet cinnamon and maple glazed “Yummy Yam Casserole” is topped with crunchy pecans. “Green Beans Almondine” stand in for the traditional green bean casserole. Light as air, “Holiday Sandies Cookies,” are sweet and crisp making a tempting dessert for kids of all ages.
 Episode 301 “Spaghetti and Wheatballs” – Laura Theodore prepares a classic Italian-American inspired menu featuring authentic tasting “Spaghetti and Wheatballs.” On the side, egg-free “Caesar Salad with Cashew Parmesan” adds a timeless flair. For dessert, delicious “Pear, Apple and Walnut Crostata” finishes the meal with gusto.
Episode 304 “Sweets for the Sweet” – Laura Theodore prepares jazzed up versions of favorite culinary confections. “Peanut Butter Mousse Tartlets” head this line up of scrumptious sugary confections and easy “Chocolate Candy Clusters” please even the most devoted candy lover. A surprise twist on the classic “Apple Turnover” provides added sweet culinary bliss to this trio of sweet treats.
Episode 401 “Pizza with a Twist” – Laura Theodore prepares variations on pizza. Special guests: Ed Begley Jr. and Dr. Pam Popper. Perfect for a casual party, “Polenta Pizza” features a gluten-free crust topped with ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, artichoke hearts and classic Italian seasonings. Tantalizing “Tortilla Salad Pizza” boasts a crispy crust, lively greens and “Vegan Almond Parmesan.” Part pizza, part tart, “Jazzy Pizza Tart” is topped with roasted veggies and baked to perfection.
Episode 402 “Breezy Brunch” – Laura Theodore prepares a delightful mid-day meal. Special guests: T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Rachelle Carson-Begley. Menu features a gluten-free, vegan “Zucchini Summer Quiche,” crunchy “Jicama and Spinach Salad” and “Cranberry-Pecan Quick Biscuits.” “Chilled Avocado Soup” adds a refreshing touch to this warm weather menu.
Episode 413 “Giving Thanks” – Laura Theodore prepares a meat-free, vegan celebratory dinner menu. Special guest: Jim Brickman. The star of this traditionally inspired fare is delectable “Holiday Stuffing Casserole” served with “Festive Kale Salad.” “Maple Baked Acorn Squash” adds a touch of sweet to this festive meal and “Pumpkin Pie with Date-Nut Crust” is a classic dessert with a jazzy twist.
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