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Jazzy Vegetarian: Television Show!



 WATCH JAZZY VEGETARIAN, starring LAURA THEODORE, every Tuesday and Thursday, starting APRIL 15th on CREATE!

Check local listings here for broadcast times near you

Jazzy Vegetarian airs on public television stations and the Create Channel nationwide. Starring celebrity vegan chef and recording artist, Laura Theodore, the highly successful show is now available in nearly 85% of U.S. homes. The series highlights delicious and easy-to-prepare plant-based recipes, inspired by classic favorite American family dishes. In each episode. Laura shares her signature style of creating innovative, yet familiar, vegan recipes everyone will love. 

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Delicious American Classics that are entirely vegan!


SEASON 1, 2 & 3 of Jazzy Vegetarian airs nationally via public television stations. (Check your local listings). Hosted by Laura Theodore, the series shows viewers step-by-step, how to make healthy, earth-friendly dishes using no dairy, meat, eggs or animal products. It's entirely vegan! In each half-hour episode, Laura Theodore highlights her delicious and easy-to-prepare plant-based recipes, inspired by classic favorite American family dishes featuring her signature style of creating innovative, yet familiar, vegan recipes everyone will love. Menus include: shish kebabs, burger and fries, spaghetti and ‘wheatballs,’ lasagna, meatless loaf and mashed potatoes, along with decadent desserts like blueberry ‘cheeze’cake, double chocolate cake and black forest pecan pie! 

In several of the episodes, Laura features vegetarian celebrities like multi-platinum seller/ Emmy and Grammy nominated, Michael Feinstein and American Saxophonist/six-time Grammy nominee Paul Winter and Grammy Nominee American songwriter & pianist, Jim Brickman. 

JAZZY VEGETARIAN is airing all across the Nation! Click below to find a station near you and please check your local listings. Due to pledge drives at individual stations, please note that some episodes may be pre-empted and aired at a later date! Air dates are subject to change, so please check your local listings. Thank you!   

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To learn about Season Two, click here!








Laura’s step-by-step instructions show viewers an easy way to cook and delight the taste buds while making healthy, vegan and earth-friendly choices.  She uses no dairy, meat, eggs or animal products.  These dishes are so tempting you'll even win over the ‘meat and potatoes’ crowd! 


JAZZY VEGETARIAN appeals to a broad range of palates. From her “Festive Zucchini Lasagna” to her “Crispy Portobello Steaks,” Laura Theodore leads the viewer on a down-to-earth path to a heavenly feast. No one can resist her “Dazzling Chocolate Desserts.” Each themed program serves up a menu of mouth-watering treats. 


JAZZY VEGETARIAN fans can watch Laura on television as well as on the web, listen to her radio shows online, download her recipes by tapping into her plant-based, culinary wisdom from their computers and in her companion cookbooks

It’s Laura’s goal to put healthy, delicious and easy to prepare vegan recipes within the reach of every cook in America...Making the world a better place, ONE RECIPE at a time!


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Find Jazzy Vegetarian on the Create Channel!

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Laura Theodore AKA the "Jazzy Vegetarian" on THE TALK!

Laura Theodore had so much fun cooking up a jazzylicious meal of Spaghetti and Wheatballs with hosts Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert on THE TALK - while Sheryl Underwood, Sharon Osbourne and Carnie Wilson sample the tasty White Bean and Cashew Dip.




Laura Theodore and Jazzy Vegetarian have been honored with a 2014 Special Achievement TASTE AWARD




Along with other dedicated vegans like Leona Lewis, Ruby Roth, Russell Simmons and Joan Jett, Laura passionately supports Farm Sanctuary by sharing her video for  " Vegan Creamy Cauliflower Soup."


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A special thank you to VegNews Magazine for our feature!



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