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Jazzy Vegetarian: Television Show!

Find Jazzy Vegetarian on the Create Channel!


JAZZY VEGETARIAN on the Create Channel 


JAZZY VEGETARIAN is now on the Create® Channel, the 24/7 TV channel featuring the best of public television’s how-to, travel and lifestyle shows. Season one, two and three air often on Create® - Check local listings for broadcast times near you. Create TV was designed for round-the-clock broadcast of the most popular lifestyle and how-to programming seen on public television, where lifestyle programming got its start! Nearly ninety-percent of television households across the nation will now be able to view broadcasts of JAZZY VEGETARIAN. 

About Create®

Create® is the 24/7 TV channel featuring the best of public television’s how-to, travel and lifestyle shows. The channel showcases high-profile programs that are among the most-watched content on public television. Create TV is available nationwide via digital broadcast and/or basic cable, courtesy of subscribing local public television stations. In addition, the channel has a companion website, – where viewers can find more information about their favorite lifestyle programs, hosts and projects.

Create® is available nationwide. Create® is a free, digital television broadcast service provided by the majority of local public television stations. Create continues to remain public television’s most carried multicast channel, now in its sixth season. As of first quarter 2011, Create is available on 235 stations in more than 83% of U.S. TV households. To find Create in your area, please visit and use the Station Finder on the TV Schedule page – or check local listings.