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My FULL BRUNCH MENU PLAN in Boating Times Long Island! 



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Find many more full menu plans in the Jazzy Vegetarian Cookbooks!


Earth Friendly Party Favors - Green Entertaining! - October 8, 2014

The Jazzy Vegetarian helps you make easy to craft, budget friendly, and delightfully fun party favors! Made from earth friendly materials that you may already have on hand, combined with fair trade, vegan dark chocolate, you can craft these pretty eco-party favors for a party of 8 in 15 minutes...That's Green Entertaining!

Let's make earth-friendly party favors! CLICK HERE for VIDEO!

Dessert Tips - October 7, 2014


To save serving time during your party, consider setting up a dessert table in advance. Use a re-cycled vintage table covering, coffee cups, utensils and plates. This mini-green tablescape is both easy to prepare and very attractive! Serve scrumptious vegan desserts to round out your eco-chic array of delicious delights! 

A small table serves well as a tableware display for keeping dessert essentials close at hand. Jazzy Tip: A great, eco-friendly item for saving space, is a re-purposed mug rack to display your coffee cups - super easy access!


Your Green Tablescape: Top 10 Tips List - October 4, 2014

Jazzy Eco-Party Tips!

All these green tips below are eco-chic AND eco-nomical...

SETTING the table in a festive manner presents your meal in a most appealing light! A well-dressed GREEN TABLESCAPE does not require breaking your budget with expensive china or matching tableware. Try using items that you already have on hand. Reuse, repurpose, recycle! When buying items to decorate your table, focus on sustainable items made from renewable sources, purchase items from a charitable thrift store or swap unwanted tableware with friends. Dressing a party table requires only 15 to 20 minutes of your time when using a bit of creativity, some flea market or thrift store finds, your everyday tableware, and a touch of love!

Jazzy Top Ten Tips for Green Serving

 Enhance your green dining style by setting the table using items that you already have on hand, recycled items purchased from your local thrift store or flea market, hand me down dinnerware, or inexpensive pieces to be purchased for using again and again. Reuse, repurpose, and recycle!


1. Mix and match dinnerware that you already have on hand for an eclectic, but “put together” look that expresses your personal style. Consider purchasing additional items from your local flea market or thrift store. Recycle any pieces you no longer need by giving them to a friend or donating them to the local thrift store.

2. Create a stylish centerpiece for your table from items that you already have on hand. Gather colorful fruits in season like oranges, pomegranates, red and green grapes, and bright red apples. Display them in a pretty bowl. Another easy and elegant centerpiece can quickly be made from festive holiday ornaments. Choose various colors, arrange into a decorative bowl and place in the center of your table.

3. No tablecloth? No problem. Use a freshly laundered bed sheet to cover your table or make a budget friendly table covering from inexpensive lace or sustainable organic cotton fabric. Simply measure the length and width of your table, making sure the material is wide enough for a slight overhang. Add twelve inches to the length of the material and then hem each end. This cloth looks elegant for any gathering, washes well, and lasts for years of green entertaining! Fabric placemats can be reused and are an eco-friendly option. Purchase an inexpensive set from your local home goods or thrift store.

4. Consider purchasing chargers to frame your place setting, helping to unify mixed and matched tableware. These large plates also protect your table coverings from staining. Simply wipe them clean and store for reuse.

5. Cloth napkins are an earth friendly choice, as they are reusable for many years. Cloth napkins provide an elegant presentation and can be tossed in the wash after each use. Purchase vintage napkins inexpensively from flea markets or consider investing in napkins made from fair trade cotton or hemp. If cloth napkins are not your style, use paper napkins that have been made using recycled materials.

6. Using your every-day dinnerware is a great alternative to formal china and silver. Set your forks on the left, knife and spoons to the right. Dessert spoons and forks can be placed at the top of your setting.

7. Place-cards add a festive touch, they cost nothing, and they can be made in advance from recycled materials. They take about 10 minutes to craft for a table of eight. Use recycled cardstock or the front and/or back of holiday cards. Cut into 4 x 3 inch rectangles. Fold each card in half and write your guest’s name on one side using a colored pen. Set place cards near each setting for an individualized touch.

8. Glassware need not be matching in order to be fancy. Place a water glass and/or a wine glass at the tip of the knife handle, to the top right of each place setting. Purchasing vintage or repurposed glassware at flea markets is a green and inexpensive way to add to your drink ware collection.

9. Candles add a festive touch and can be of the burning or rechargeable variety. If using wax candles, buy earth friendly, vegan or soy based candles and make sure the wicks are lead free. If using the rechargeable variety, remember to fully charge before your party.


October 1, 2014


Throughout your party, add ambiance with some "Jazzy" dinner music. CLICK HERE!


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