Some say chocolaty desserts make a menu complete - and who am I to disagree? Here are eight scrumptious sweets and treats to dazzle your friends and family!


Pots de Crème This delicate, rich dessert is based on a recipe my grandma often made. When I was a child it was my favorite dessert, but it was packed with eggs and heavy cream. Here’s a fail-safe vegan version that faithfully reproduces the taste of Grandma’s specialty. Served in tiny espresso cups, it provides an elegant ending to any fancy meal. Plus, you can make it the day before serving if you wish—always a bonus when entertaining.


Sweet Cocoa Cupcakes with Rich Chocolate Frosting simple to make but super tempting treats. Avocado and vegan “buttermilk” effortlessly stand in for the butter and the egg, while tofu and dark vegan chocolate chips whip up to provide a rich and decadent frosting. Perfectly pretty too – a real crowd pleaser!


Double-Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting is the perfect indulgence to please any dedicated chocolate fan! so beautiful too!


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies are Chewy and chocolaty, these tasty treats will surely satisfy your cookie cravings. If nuts are not part of your diet plan, simply leave them out. These baked delights will still be delicious!


Chocolate Mousse Ginger Pie is easy to prepare, gorgeous to look at, delicious to eat, and a delight to serve! It’s the perfect pie for any festive occasion.


Chocolate Chip–Banana Muffins sweet but not overly so, making them a scrumptious treat for breakfast, an afternoon snack, or dessert. This recipe uses ripe bananas rather than eggs for binding. Wheat germ adds both texture and nutrition, while dark chocolate contributes antioxidants, not to mention a decadent taste.


Maple-Raisin-Date Truffles are pretty too, making an excellent healthy dessert or snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Chocolate-Coconut Quick Cake with Sweet Cherry Compote finishes your meal with a rich, chocolaty flourish! This quick-to-fix cake topped with an out-of-this word cherry topping, truly fills the bill for a dessert showstopper! Serve it to your family and friends and they will surely ask for seconds. (Uh-oh, maybe you’ll need to bake two!)